Evolutionary Metaphysics

About our ministries

Hello and welcome to the web pages of Evolutionary Metaphysics, a spiritual ministry based in Austin, Texas that tries to bridge the gap between scientific fact and faith in a higher power. We are a newly founded ministry, started by a group of college professors based at the University of Texas, Austin in a effort to provide a safe harbor to those who are scientifically inclined, but still try to keep to their spiritual faith, in a higher power, the afterlife, or whatever else you might be holding onto. Evolutionary Metaphysics is a mix of serious discussion and friendly meetings where members can come, meet similarly minded people, bring their kids, we have facilities with educational toys, tabletop games, gaming consoles and even a couple of high quality drones that kids are crazy about these day. Everyone is welcome to join our ministry, become a member and participate in a civilized discussion, spiritual discovery and companionship of similarly minded people.

Our ministries have only recently been founded with the hopes of calming the passions that both sides of the coin have been flaring up over the years. We're talking of course about the ever fiery science vs. religion debate. Our very own state of Texas has been a hotbed of various extreme positions, some of which we agree, others we don't agree at all. In essence most of Evolutionary Metaphysics membership are agnostic theists, that is, we have some sort of belief in a higher power, but we don't know for sure that this higher power exists. Likewise we reject organized religion almost in its entirety, and we focus more on spirituality and the propagation of the scientific method. That is why our facilities, instead of having religious paraphernalia, we have things like educational toys and remote controlled drones. This way our members, especially younger ones, will learn to harbor scientific inquiry. I highly recommend you not to be a passive reader, but please go out and do your own research on drones in education - how are they used and what are benefits of their usage. As always, I recommend you to stay low on budget if you're just getting into this, so this "Best drones under $100" guide by Drones Globe is a good starting point. Their article can be found here.

Our activities include the usual, holding gatherings for the membership, discussion forums for the public and the occasional casual picnics for pretty much everyone who is interested in the questions of science and faith. Join us if science is an important part of your life, but you are slowly losing your faith because of it, and you would like to have your faith restored for whatever reason.

Three key aspects of Evolutionary Metaphysics

Embracing science

As a group of people who are closely tied to science (a lot of us in the leadership positions are college science professors) we are very much so interested in embracing the sciences. We realize that understanding the principles of scientific fact is an important tool to understanding the world. That is why we do not reject the scientific method and embrace it actually. Like I've already mentioned, at our meetings there are things like educational toys and even a remote controlled drones, to peak kids interest in sciences and their natural inquisitiveness. There's nothing better than hearing "how does that work?".

Keeping our faith

Even though we are all about science, we are also very keenly interested in our spiritual lives. Hence the reason why we started this ministry, as a way to help people who are similarly minded and who want to be in a crowd of people who nurture both their scientific curiosity and spiritual belief. We here at Evolutionary Metaphysics believe that you don't have be exclusive when it comes to science and faith, and get rid of one in favor of other. We're not talking about maintaining a belief in organized religion, but rather in a spiritual concepts like higher power, life after death, and other what are essentially coping mechanism for everyday life.

Closing the gap

One of the goals of our ministry is to close the gap between religion and science that has been growing ever larger over the years. We're here to show that you don't have to be an either or, and that you can actually believe in things like for example evolution, and also have a spiritual life that helps you cope with everyday life. For us our spiritual life really is more like a coping mechanism, something that gives us comfort in the face of realization of how small our existence really is in the grand scheme of things. Our beliefs and our scientific backgrounds go hand in hand, they actually expand one another. Where one stops the other begins.

How our ministry actually works?

Be open minded, inquisitive and accepting of others opinions

Here are three steps needed for you to become part of the Evolutionary Metaphysics ministry. First you need to be an open minded person, one who is willing to listen and understand all sides of the argument before making a decision on things. You don't have to be a believer in God to join us, nor do you have to be an atheist. Everything that you need is an inquisitive nature and longing for a type of spirituality that is for a lot of people in our ministry lacking from science.

Come to one of our meetings and see how we roll

Best way to experience just what exactly it is that our ministry is offering is by coming to one of our meetings that takes place 2 times a week, Wednesdays and Sundays, here at University of Texas at Austine campus. By participating in one of our meetings you will see firsthand the type of discussion that our little ministry is offering, so you'll be able to make a decision on whether or not there is a place for you here at our little group. Not everyone likes what we are doing here, so that's why we feel it is important for you to come and spend some time with us to see if Evolutionary Metaphysics really is something that you might be interested in.

Contact us for a full membership

Those of you who have decided to come and join our group should get in touch with us either via phone, email or by coming to our office. Keep in mind that the office here is an euphemism. "Office" is a table at our meeting, so basically if you come to a meeting and you find that joining our little group is something that you might be interested in, then you're going to be very close to our office and we can arrange everything then and there. Key thing is that you find Evolutionary Metaphysics the right group for you. Everything from that point forward is our responsibility to take care of.