Announcement for all the members – ministry meetings during finals
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Hello there everyone, we hope that you are having a good day. Today we have an announcement for all the members of the ministry, and all those who are looking to become a member. Due to the finals of the Spring semester coming up soon, we are going to have less meetings than usual, due to busy schedules that most of ministry memberships has during this period.

Announcement for all the members – ministry meetings during finals

As I have already mentioned here on the website Evolutionary Metaphysics leadership consists mostly out of professors at University of Austin and due to the increased workload that we have during lead up to and while the actual exam week lasts, we are going to have to suspend the meetings of the ministry for a while.

Another factor that plays a role in us having to give up our regular meetings is that a lot of lecture halls are occupied by students for final exam preps, so we are also limited in space, not just time. Don’t worry though, regular meetings of the ministry will resume in a month of so, and there’s still going to be an occasional meeting even during this slump. New memberships are also welcome, just know that the ministry won’t be that active for the upcoming month or so. Stay tuned for more updates.