Evolutionary Metaphysics is a spiritual ministry run by a group of scientist spiritualists based in Austin, Texas who have banded together and started Evolutionary Metaphysics, which is sort of like a safe haven for people who are both scientifically and spiritually inclined. It's an unusual combination to be a scientist and to also have a spiritual side to yourself, but that's what we're all about here at Evolutionary Metaphysics. Leadership of the ministry consists of college professors who teach science courses who have discovered that even though science provides plenty of answers about the world around us, for our group it's not enough and we use our spirituality to cover everything that science can't.

Some of us use it to find solace in life after death. Some just find friendships and form relationships with similarly minded people. It's a mixed bag of people, us who are members of Evolutionary Metaphysics and if you ask any of us what our reasons for joining the group are you're probably going to get a different answer from each and every one of us. In essence the goal of our ministry is to put out the fires between the two warring sides, religious folks and science folks, who seem to be keen on not understanding one another. If you want to get in touch with us you can do so by sending us a message.