What does Evolutionary Metaphysics mean?
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What does Evolutionary Metaphysics mean?

Oftentimes we get asked from our prospective members just what exactly does the name of our ministry mean. First half of the name of our little group is actually in most peoples minds already. Debate on evolution is a pretty vocal one, and has been a divisive force in our society for quite some time now. Latter part of the name for our ministry, the “metaphysics” one isn’t that know by a great deal of people, so today we thought it might be a good idea to explain what both of them mean.

What does evolutionary metaphysics mean?

Evolutionary in our name here doesn’t refer to evolution as in the process that allowed single cell organisms to form in to the variety of life forms that we witness today. We use “evolutionary” to reference growth in general, overcoming of something, in this case, overcoming the divisions that seem to exist between the two camps, religious on one side and scientific on other.

Second word, the one that is confusing to folks is “metaphysics”. This word refers to a part of philosophy which discusses the questions of existence, about the being, consciences, call it what you want. By combining these two terms in Evolutionary Metaphysics we’re essentially saying that we’re here trying to grow our being, our existence. That’s all, it’s a fancy way of saying that. Nothing more.