Can you have morality without religion?
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After dealing with many questions from people who seem to be puzzled how exactly can we have our moral compass oriented the right way if we don’t have religion in our lives we’ve decided to do a very short write up on the tools that us secular leaning spiritualists use in order to determine our morality. This isn’t really that easy question to answer in these few paragraphs, and we will do a more fuller writeup in the future. Remember that we are kinda busy right now with work, so we can’t really delve deeper into these kind of issues.

Can you have morality without religion?

There are three terms that you need to be familiar with to familiarize yourself with the sources from where we draw our morality and those terms are humanism, freethinking and consequentialism. These are the three tools that secular folks use in order to set our compasses in the right direction as far as morality goes.

Like I mentioned already we won’t go into the specifics how these three stances help us out during moral dilemmas. Suffice it to say that there are ways how you can live your life without having religion has a guideline for your moral choices. Besides, it’s not like you can take Bible for granted to draw inspiration for your morality, because there are some teachings there that need to be taken with a grain of salt. Anywhoo, lookup either humanism, freething or consequentialism to learn more. We’ll do a more detailed writeup about these in the future.