Science as a source of spirituality – possible?
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One of the more frequent discussions that the membership of Evolutionary Metaphysics has is whether or not it is possible to use science as a source of spirituality. Our position is that it is definitely possible to use science as a source of spirituality, and the best example of how this is possible is a lecture from professor Lawrence Krauss which can be seen down below.

This video is practically a classic in the secular community exactly for this reason that it’s a great example of how science isn’t just this cold and hartless thing that is against spirituality. In this lecture, professor Krauss shows us how all the elements that make up Earth, people, animals, the entire Universe basically, they have all been made by dying stars, like the Sun. The only place that produces enough pressure and heat to fuse together atoms for more complicated elements are the stars, most notably the stars that have gone Supernova, who have died.

Like professor Krauss said so himself in the lecture, we are all children of the stars, and the best part is that dues to the chaos of the Universe, the atoms that make up you and me were created and coexisted in the same star, or it could be that the atoms that make up your left arm are from a completely different star than the atoms that make up your right arm. To me that’s incredibly beautiful and it shows how we all really are brothers and sisters, and stars are our parents. That’s what Evolutionary Metaphysics is all about.